SurveyMonkey for MLGSCA Members

One of the benefits of MLGSCA membership is access to the SurveyMonkey Web survey software. SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create surveys that you can use to learn about your library users and evaluate your library's services. The Advisory Council of MLGSCA has also used it to learn about its membership.

If you have questions about these procedures, contact Electronic Information Resources Committee (EIRC) Chair (refer to the current list of MLGSCA Advisory Council members for contact information ).

These procedures and policies were adapted with permission from the Pacific Northwest Chapter for the Medical Library Association.

Contact Information


  • This is a benefit of MLGSCA membership. The MLGSCA subscription to SurveyMonkey may only be used by the MLGSCA member. You should not give the password to anyone else, not even fellow staff members. If you want your entire institution to use it, you will need to pay for your own institution's subscription.
  • This should primarily be used for library purposes within your institution. If your institution wants you to do a survey for the institution that has nothing to do with the library, they should be encouraged to purchase their own subscription. MLGSCA members can also use it for their own personal non-work related surveys.
  • Before looking at an existing survey in the list, ask permission of the survey owner.
  • Remember that your survey is in the list of surveys, and others may look at it, so if you want to make absolutely sure that your survey is confidential, you should consider buying your own subscription.
  • Always put your surveys into a folder that identifies it as your survey in some manner. Instructions are below.
  • Once a year, a call will go out for everyone to clean up the survey list. If the survey is not in a folder and has not been used within the previous 12 months, it will be deleted.

Upkeep Procedures

  1. Always give your survey a title immediately when starting to work on your survey. Otherwise, there will be multiple surveys with the title “Untitled Survey”.
  2. All surveys need to be kept in folders so that the owner of the survey can be identified. It also makes it easier for you to find your surveys, as you can select your folder to see only your surveys, rather than browsing through the scores of surveys listed.
  3. Any surveys not in folders will be deleted after 1 year of inactivity.
  4. All surveys no longer needed should be deleted.

Folder Instructions

There is a feature in SurveyMonkey that enables you to make a folder in which to put your surveys. This makes it much easier for you to group all your surveys together so that you don't have to browse through all the surveys to find yours. It also identifies who owns the survey, so that there is someone to contact if you have questions about a survey. All surveys must be put into folders. To do that, do the following:

  1. Go to "My Surveys"
  2. Click on "Manage Folders" next to the "Current Folder" box
  3. Click on "Create folder", put in a folder name, such as Firstname Lastname or MLGSCA Committee name, that can identify you as the owner of the survey (in case someone wants to contact you about it). Click the "Add +" button. Now click on "Manage Folders" again and go through the list of surveys and using the drop-down menu, select your folder name for all your surveys. Then click on Update.
  4. The next time you go into SurveyMonkey to work on a survey, all you have to do is click on the drop-down menu on the "Current Folder" box to find your folder, select that, and only your surveys will be listed.