Submission Information and Application

The Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA) continually and vigorously supports the recruitment of outstanding candidates to the profession of health sciences librarianship. One mechanism employed by MLGSCA is through the provision of student scholarships. One scholarship of $1500 is awarded annually to an excellent library/information science student who has shown evidence of interest in pursuing the health sciences specialization in librarianship.

The scholarship is intended to provide support during a student's course of study. The scholarship funds can be used as desired by the recipient.


Student scholarship applicants must meet all criteria to be considered.  A student must:

  • Be a member of MLGSCA, either as a regular paying member or via a free student membership, having met the criteria for a free student membership. A free student membership application may accompany the scholarship application, and
  • Be enrolled in and actively attending an ALA-accredited master’s degree program such as MLS, MIS, MLIS, and
  • Be a citizen of or have permanent residence in the United States or Canada, and
  • Complete and meet all requirements of the online scholarship application.

Past recipients of the MLGSCA Student Scholarship are not eligible for a second scholarship.

The following materials are required for application and must be received by December 15.

  • one copy of the completed application form
  • a minimum of two letters of reference and no more than three
  • a transcript (unofficial copy is satisfactory) from each college or university attended
  • a statement of career objectives

Scholarship payment will be made at the time of the award. The recipient will be notified in April. If there are no appropriate candidates, the association may elect not to award the scholarship in a given year.

Preferred: Please email as an attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Print one copy of the completed application and related documents and mail to:

David Bickford, MSLS
Director, Arizona Health Sciences Library at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus
435 N. 5th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Recipients of the Student Scholarship Award

1. Maureen Miller--SJSU
2. Sarah Hoyle--UA
3. Andrea Lynch--UCLA

1. Catherine Outten--UCLA
2. Debra Schneider--UA
3. Marissa Lighthiser--SJSU

1. Danielle Carlock--UA
2. Michelle Gordan--UCLA
3. Paula Romeyn--SJSU

1. Monique Escamilla--UCLA
2. Candace Mack--UCLA
3. Jill Dietrich--UCLA

None given

1. Jennifer Bach--UA
2. Elana Churchill--SJSU

1. Ted Wilson--SJSU

1. Meredith Bloom--UCLA
2. Stephen Kiyoi--UCLA
3. Heather McDonald--SJSU

1. Patricia Benefiel--SJSU
2. Katia Karadjova--SJSU
3. Jamie Navarette--UA

1. Jessica Shultz--SJSU

1. Lee Luniewski--SJSU

1. Sandra Chase--SJSU

2015 -- not awarded

1. Kendra Godwin--UCLA

2017 -- not awarded

1. Seema Bhakta--UA

2019 -- not awarded

1. Erik Valenzula--USC
2. Victoria Flores--SJSU

1. Claudio Garcia--UA

1. Jilian Underwood-Jenkins--San Jose State


1. Mark Rojas--San Jose State