Academic Writing Librarians
This blog provides support to library staff who wish to write for publication including links to resources, workshop materials and calls for papers, books chapters, etc.

Emerald for Librarians
This website has a guide called “Writing for LIS Journals” which includes a call for papers index for the LIS field as well as a “Publish, Don’t Perish” guide from librarian, author and editor, Rachel Singer Gordon.

How to write an original research paper (and get it published)
Diane Cooper gives practical guidance for formatting a research paper for JMLA.

A Library Writer’s Blog
This blog provides regular calls for papers, chapters, book authors and conference presenters.  It’s a great outlet to watch for opportunities to get published in the library field.

LIS Publication Wiki
This website has listings of hundreds of LIS scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, online forums, civilian publication, book publishers, and more!

The Structured Abstract:  An Essential Tool for Researchers
Liz Bayley and Jonathan Eldredge present tips for writing an abstract for the health sciences field.