MLGSCA recognizes the need and importance of fostering and developing health sciences librarians. In fulfillment of this recognition, MLGSCA is pleased to sponsor the Mentor Program. The Professional Issues Committee (PIC) will monitor the program. The PIC will also maintain a roster of mentors and those seeking mentors and facilitate an appropriate match when possible.


MLGSCA Mentor/Mentee Program Application

The purpose of the MLGSCA Mentoring Program is to:

  1. Provide focused mentoring events, i.e., a person with expertise in a specific area (e.g., administration, technical services, etc.) will be paired with someone seeking skills and support in that area.
  2. Offer long-term and short-term mentoring experiences. A short-term mentoring experience may be for the duration of an annual or joint meeting. It may be a speaking engagement on "health sciences librarians" at one or more of the library schools in the area. Long-term mentoring may be open-ended and continue at the pleasure and discretion of the parties involved.

Who may participate:

1. Persons seeking a mentor. Protégés may be:

  1. library school students with an interest in health sciences librarianship;
  2. professional health sciences librarians;
  3. library assistants;
  4. members or non-members of MLGSCA or MLA;
  5. provisional AHIP members.

2. Persons wanting to perform mentoring. Mentors should be:

  1. professional health sciences librarians; (may include health sciences librarians in non-traditional circumstance, e.g., corporate librarians, consultant librarians, etc.)
  2. members of MLGSCA or MLA;
  3. experts (demonstrated expertise) in one or more of the health sciences librarians competencies listed in the Platform for Change.

NOTE: Academy credit for participation by AHIP members is currently under review by the MLA Credentialing Committee.

For more information:

If you are interested in participating in the program, complete the online MLGSCA Mentor/Mentee Program Application

MLGSCA Professional Issues Committee Co-Chairs:
Adele Dobry
Victoria Flores