Recommendations for MLGSCA Honorary Life Membership may be submitted in writing to the Membership Committee by any MLGSCA member. The official recommendation form is available here. Please include a brief statement of the nominee's qualifications. The Membership Committee will bring all recommendations to the Advisory Council for consideration.

Any person who has been recommended by an MLGSCA member or the Membership Committee, and in the opinion of the Advisory Council has made outstanding contributions to medical librarianship, may be elected Honorary Life Member by majority vote of members of the Advisory Council. Honorary Life Member status may be revoked by a majority vote of the Advisory Council.

The following criteria will be used to guide the recommendation and selection of Honorary Life Members. Nominees shall not be expected to fit all criteria; any combination of the following accomplishments may be appropriate for Honorary Life Member consideration:

  1. Significant contributions to the chapter which includes but is not limited to: serving in elected or appointed offices and/or in chapter committees, planning and coordinating chapter meetings, spearheading projects that support the chapter's mission, and undertaking efforts that ensure the chapter's future;
  2. Significant contributions to the profession which includes but is not limited to: conference presentations, publications, research endeavors, instruction, and technological innovation;
  3. Outstanding achievement in the profession evidenced by: honors and awards received, recognition in the professional literature, and/or educational accomplishments;
  4. Notable leadership in the profession including: positions held, career growth and development, professional association participation on a local and national level; and
  5. Honorary Life Membership may be granted at any stage in one's career.

The following benefits will be offered to Honorary Life Members for the duration of their tenure:

  1. Complimentary lifetime MLGSCA membership;
  2. An official letter of recognition at the time of appointment from the current MLGSCA President;
  3. Participation in the MLGSCA email discussion list;
  4. The opportunity to attend MLGSCA sponsored CE events at the “member” price;
  5. Listing in the MLGSCA directory with special designation as Honorary Life Member; and
  6. Eligibility for other MLGSCA Awards and Grants as applicable.

    Honorary Life Member appointment announcements will be made at business meetings, as well as on the blog