Elected Officers

President: Rikke Ogawa

President-Elect: Judy Kraemer

Past President: Naomi Bishop

Secretary: Ivan Portillo

Treasurer: Kevin Pardon

MLA Chapter Council Rep: Danielle Linden

MLA Chapter Council Rep Alternative: Mary White

Nominating Committee: Nora Franco, Nita Mailander, Sunny McGowan,  Andrea Lynch




Awards: David Bickford

CE/Program: Judy Kraemer

Exchange: Adele Dobry

Finance: Robin Schiff

Government Relations/Bylaws: Carrie Grinstead

Membership: Sunny McGowan & Karen O'Grady

Nominating: Naomi Bishop

Professional Issues: Robin Schiff & Jan Kuebel-Hernandez (co-chairs)

Research: Janene Wandersee

Web/Blog/Connections: Angela Murrell

Webmaster: Angela Murrell

Archivist: open

MLA Credentialing Committee Liaison (AHIP): Danielle Linden


2020 MLGSCA Solidarity Statement

The MLGSCA Solidarity Statement was created by the MLGSCA Solidarity Statement Taskforce members Naomi Bishop, Kelli Hines, Judy Kraemer, and Robin Schiff.

June 25, 2020

The Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA) condemns racism.

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Events and classes