Elected Officers

President: Kelli Hines

President-Elect: Elisa Cortez

Past President: Caroline Marshall

Secretary: Hannah Schilperoot

Treasurer: Jennifer Dinalo

MLA Chapter Council Rep: Judy Kraemer

MLA Chapter Council Rep Alternative: Bethany Myers



Awards: Laura Stubblefield

CE/Program: Elisa Cortez

Connections: Now combined with Web/blog committee

Exchange: Adele Dobry

Finance: Robin Schiff

Government Relations/Bylaws: Carrie Grinstead

Membership: Danielle Linden

Nominating: Andrea Harrow & Sally Harvey (co-chairs)

Professional Issues: Robin Schiff & Jan Kuebel-Hernandez (co-chairs

Research: Janene Wandersee

Web/Blog/Connections: David Bickford

Webmaster: Angela Murrell

Elected Officers

President: Bryant Nugent

President-Elect: Caroline Marshall

Past President: Danielle Linden

Secretary: Susan McKinlay

Treasuer: Sue Espe

MLA Chapter Council Rep: Annie Thmpson (formerly Hughes)

MLA Chapter Council Rep Alternative: Hal Bright



Awards: Laura Stubblefield


Connections: Amy Nadell

Exchange: Monique Liston

Finance: Irene Lovas

Government Relations/Bylaws: Kristyn Gonnerman

Membership: Lori Tagawa & Norma Layton (Co-chairs)

Nominating: Kathleen Carlson

Professional Issues: Andrea Harrow

Research: Deb Schneider

Web: Kelli Hines

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AHIP First-Time Applicant Award


To encourage members of the MLGSCA Chapter to apply for membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP).


Participant will be reimbursed for the AHIP application fee ($200 Academy Member level or above, or $135 Provisional member level).


  • Current member of MLGSCA Chapter and of MLA (National) as of AHIP application.
  • First time applicant for AHIP membership at any level.
  • Completed AHIP documentation and payment submitted to the Medical Library Association and AHIP membership successfully awarded.


  • One award covering the application fee for AHIP membership will be available to MLGSCA members.
  • AHIP membership must have been awarded within the past 12 months of the application deadline. Applications must be received by July 31, 2018.

Application Process:

Submit the following via email to Laura Stubblefield <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;, Awards Committee Chair.

Preferably as one PDF:

  • Letter of Application stating briefly why you are applying for AHIP membership and how it will assist your professional goals.
  • Copy of their letter of acceptance into the Academy of Health Information Professionals.
  • Proof of payment to MLA - AHIP
  • Proof of MLA membership
  • Proof of MLGSCA membership


Award winners are only eligible to win the award once.

The Awardee will be determined by a random drawing of all applications received that meet all the criteria. Each application will be numbered in order as it is received, and an Internet random number generator will be used to select the winning application.


  • Applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.
  • Award winner will be randomly selected (all applications will be numbered based on the order in which they are received).
  • Award recipients will be acknowledged in the MLGSCA blog, social media, and at the Chapter’s Spring Meeting.