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MLGSCA hosts a number of conferences and continuing education (CE) events throughout the year.

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Continuing Education (CE)

Purpose of Award:

  • The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to honor the significant lifetime achievements of a MLGSCA member who has made lasting contributions to the profession of health science librarianship beyond the scope of the local chapter.

Criteria for Award:

  • Candidate’s sustained lifetime contributions (meant for an entire body of work, not just a single achievement) have been significant toward the advancement of librarianship on a national and/or international level. Contributions include, and are not limited to, service, publications, presentations, mentorship, research, education and training, innovative technology, and creative projects.
  • Candidate is ending a distinguished career in health sciences librarianship.
  • Candidate has been a member of MLGSCA for at least five years and is a current member.

Award Guidelines:

  • The MLGSCA Advisory Council will make the formal award selection. The candidates will be recognized in the profession and be leaders in the field.
  • Person nominating candidate will provide the Awards Committee with a letter of nomination and the Application for Nomination form, found in the MLGSCA Directory or on the MLGSCA web site, no later than November 1.
  • Awards Committee members are not eligible for the award during their committee service. All members will send their nominations to the Awards Committee, who will then review the nominations and recommend candidate(s) to the Advisory Council. Candidates will be excluded from selection discussions.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award is given only when candidates clearly meet or exceed eligibility criteria, and once in a candidate’s lifetime.

Discussions during the selection process of both the Awards Committee and the Advisory Council are confidential.

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award

2003 -- Alison Bunting

2004 -- Marilyn Schwartz

The purpose of the MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award is to honor an outstanding library staff in a health sciences library and to recognize the critical role and important contributions library staff make to the development and evolution of modern health sciences libraries and librarianship.

Considerations/criteria for nominating a library staff for this award include, but are not limited to, a library staff without a Library Master's degree that:

  • Provides consistently, excellent library service.
  • Continually suggests improvements or innovative ideas and is willing to take the lead in making good suggestions a reality.
  • Encourages and promotes the library’s mission, facilities and resources.
  • Enhances the promotion and marketing endeavors of the library through facilitating productive, effective communication between users and the library.
  • Is professionally curious and is willing to take risks, even if that means moving beyond their comfort zone.
  • Is a lifelong learner and regularly attends training or other local or regional events to improve their skills and knowledge base.

Nominations can be made by any MLGSCA member and sent to the Awards Committee chair. Please use the available form. Nomination deadline is July 1st.

Frequency and Number of Awards
The MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award is given annually to one outstanding library staff in a health sciences library.  If there are no suitable candidates nominated, the award is not given. The award is usually presented by the MLGSCA President during the Fall Meeting.

Recipients of the MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award

2009 -- Kathleen Shepler

2010 -- Jan Grabowski

2011 -- Elisabeth Mason

2012 -- Norma Layton

2013 -- Rosemarie Murray

2014 -- Nancy Olmos

2015 -- Bethany Weinberg

2016 -- Amy Sharpe

2017 -- Elaine White

2018 -- Pamela Gay

2019 -- Victoria Flores


MLGSCA recognizes the need and importance of fostering and developing health sciences librarians. In fulfillment of this recognition, MLGSCA is pleased to sponsor the Mentor Program. The Professional Issues Committee (PIC) will monitor the program. The PIC will also maintain a roster of mentors and those seeking mentors and facilitate an appropriate match when possible.

The purpose of the MLGSCA Mentoring Program is to:

  1. Provide focused mentoring events, i.e., a person with expertise in a specific area (e.g., administration, technical services, etc.) will be paired with someone seeking skills and support in that area.
  2. Offer long-term and short-term mentoring experiences. A short-term mentoring experience may be for the duration of an annual or joint meeting. It may be a speaking engagement on "health sciences librarians" at one or more of the library schools in the area. Long-term mentoring may be open-ended and continue at the pleasure and discretion of the parties involved.

Who may participate:

1. Persons seeking a mentor. Protégés may be:

  1. library school students with an interest in health sciences librarianship;
  2. professional health sciences librarians;
  3. library assistants;
  4. members or non-members of MLGSCA or MLA;
  5. provisional AHIP members.

2. Persons wanting to perform mentoring. Mentors should be:

  1. professional health sciences librarians; (may include health sciences librarians in non-traditional circumstance, e.g., corporate librarians, consultant librarians, etc.)
  2. members of MLGSCA or MLA;
  3. experts (demonstrated expertise) in one or more of the health sciences librarians competencies listed in the Platform for Change.

NOTE: Academy credit for participation by AHIP members is currently under review by the MLA Credentialing Committee.

For more information:

If you are interested in participating in the program, complete the application and return to:

MLGSCA Professional Issues Committee Co-Chairs:
Robin Schiff

Jan Kuebel-Hernandez