• Diagnostic Error: A Multidisciplinary Exploration Sponsored by PSR-RML, March 1, 2013
  • Spring CE: MLA Webcast Preventing Diagnostic Error California and Arizona, March 13th, 2013
  • Joint Meeting CE's (July 2013):
    • Evidence Based Practice
    • Public Health Information on the Web
    • Drug Information Resources


  • Fall CE: Clinical & Translational Science at Your Institution, October 15, 2012
  • MLA Spring Webcast ("Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Health Sciences Libraries") and MLGSCA Spring Business Meeting
  • MLGSCA and PSRML Symposium 2012: Information Treasure Hunt: Supporting Evidence-Based Practice@ Your Institution


  • Fall 2011 CE: The Librarian as a Professional
  • Spring CE: Gaining Leadership Skills without Formally Supervising People
    April 06,2011


  • Fall CE: Getting Magnetized, Oct 25, 2010
  • MLGSCA Spring CE and Business Meeting, April 23, 2010


  • Exploiting Librarian Skills to Enhance Continuing Medical Education Programs
    • November 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA
  • Point of Care EBM-Bedside Information Tools for Healthcare Practitioners
    • April 13, 2009 in Tucson, AZ and April 23 in Northridge, CA
  • Technology in Libraries: Providing Access, Linking Communities -- March 6, 2009 at the Cerritos Public Library in Cerritos, CA


  • Spring Program: CA & AZ
    • Community Assessment with Susan Barnes
  • Fall Program: CA & AZ
    • Librarians: Let's Escape the Box -- taught by Diane Wolf


  • Fall Program: CA & AZ
    • Face to Face: Strategies for Effective Consumer Health
  • Spring Program: CA & AZ
    • Incorporating Web 2.0 Tools into the Research Process -- blog and wiki
  • Winter Program: CA & AZ
    • eXtreme Searching - getting the most from PubMed & Google









To support professional development activities including attendance at classes, conferences and meetings;

To provide MLGSCA members with the opportunity to increase their competence in the theoretical, administrative and/or technical aspects of librarianship.


The applicant must:

  1. Be a regular member of MLGSCA;
  2. Hold a graduate degree in library/information science;
  3. Be a practicing medical librarian with at least two years of professional experience;
  4. Be willing to write at least a 500 word summary on the event for the MLGSCA blog;
  5. Not have received this award in the past three years.

Consideration will be given to outstanding candidates who do not meet all of the eligibility criteria.


Awards range from $100 - $500.
More than one award may be granted in a year.
Awards Committee screens applications and recommends candidate(s) to the Advisory Council of MLGSCA which has authority to grant the award(s).


  1. Print out the application form and complete it.
    (A paper copy of the form is printed in the MLGSCA Directory)
  2. A MS Word version of the form can be filled out online and submitted as an attachment to the Committee Chair, Laura Stubblefield (see address on form).
  3. Forms are also available from the chair of the Awards Committee, or from the Secretary of MLGSCA.
  4. Deadlines: September 15th; February 15th.

Standards for Judging:

Criteria may include the applicant's academic achievement, library experience, career objectives, or service to the profession.

Recipients of the Professional Development Award

1. Ellen Aaronson
2. Helen Seaton

1. Evona Copeland
2. Marian Hicks

1. Judy Kraemer
2. Danielle Linden
3. Craig Haynes

1. Ellen Aaronson
2. Lisa Marks

1. Andrea Lynch
2. Susan Shelly

1. Elisa Cortez
2. Erica Bass
3. Amy Chatfield

1. Danielle Linden
2. Lisa Marks
3. Suzette Kopec

1. Lisa Federer
2. Mary White

1. Sue Espe
2. Megan Rosenbloom
3. Hella Stieber
4. Ellen Aaronson

1. Kathleen Carlson
2. Tiffany Moxham

1. Amy Nadell

1. Carrie Gristead
2. Andrea Harrow


1. Ellen Aaronson


1. Jackie Davis

Research Methods

ACRL Bibliography of Research Methods Texts
Association of College & Research Library’s annotated bibliography of research textbooks

Library Research Service: Research Methods
Includes e-books about statistics, questionnaire design, focus groups, and more


MLA Research Section
Selected research tools

The Researching Librarian
Web resources helpful for librarians doing research

HEALER’s Research Toolkit
Developed by UK-based organization in partnership with the NIH to support library and information staff with the research process

Health Research Toolkit
A toolkit for health research in partnership with practices and communities

LARKS - Librarian and Research Knowledge Space
American Library Association’s resource guide for analyzing and presenting data

DiRT Directory
Digital research tools to capture, create, enrich, analyze, interpret, store, or disseminate data

Kahn Academy Introduction to Statistics
Tutorials to gain confidence understanding basic statistical concepts

14 Data Visualization Tools
Tools for telling better stories with numbers

In library school? Thinking about becoming a medical librarian? Here's some of what MLGSCA has to offer you:

FREE Membership
Yes, you read that correctly. Membership in MLGSCA is free as long as you are enrolled in library school.

FREE Continuing Education/Program Coupon
Want a "test-drive" before you buy? Students are eligible to attend one Continuing Education program at no charge. Contact the Membership Chair for more information.

MLGSCA Student Scholarship
Each year, MLGSCA awards a scholarship to a library student from one of the region's library schools. Contact Awards Committee Chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

      Electronic submission is preferred


MLGSCA Scholarship for Paraprofessionals in Health Sciences Libraries
The Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA) continually and vigorously supports the recruitment of outstanding candidates to the profession of health sciences librarianship. One mechanism employed by MLGSCA to accomplish this, is through the provision of a scholarship for paraprofessionals working in health sciences libraries. The amount of $1500 shall be given annually and is intended to provide support for a paraprofessional currently working in a health sciences library and who has shown evidence of interest in pursuing the health sciences specialization in librarianship.  It is expected that the funds will be used to support the recipient's educational goals leading to the professional degree in librarianship. Moreover, recipients will be expected to show evidence of this expectation having been met in form of documentation, i.e., transcripts of completed coursework.

Research Grants
MLGSCA has research grants for students. Find a medical librarian to sponsor you and get researching!


Mentor Program
MLGSCA sponsors a Mentor Program which pairs an experienced medical librarian with a protégé, either short- or long-term.

Other Links of Interest to Students