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Purpose of Award

The purpose of the Louise Darling MLGSCA Achievement Award is to honor significant contributions to health sciences librarianship, as well as to the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona.

Criteria for Award

  1. Candidate's contribution is significant towards the advancement of health sciences librarianship through the endeavors of the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona.
  2. Candidate's contributions include, but are not limited to: service, publications, presentations, and projects.
  3. Candidate must hold membership in MLGSCA at the time of election and be a member for a minimum of two years.

Award Guidelines

Nominations shall be made by the MLGSCA membership. Requests for nominations are solicited through the Newsletter and the Awards Committee with a deadline of February 15th. Persons nominating candidates shall provide the Committee with a letter of nomination and an Application for Nomination form. (The form is also printed in the MLGSCA Directory.) Awards Committee members are not eligible for the award during their committee service. The Awards Committee reviews nominations and recommends candidates to the Advisory Council for final approval. Candidates will be excluded from discussions.

The Louise Darling MLGSCA Achievement Award is given annually. The number of candidates per year is at the discretion of the Awards Committee. If no suitable candidates are nominated, the award is not given. Discussions during the selection process of both the Awards Committee and the Advisory Council are not a matter of public record.

The award is usually presented by the President during the Spring Meeting and is announced in the Newsletter following the presentation. The recipient will receive $500.00 and a commemorative item which states:




Recipients of the Louise Darling Award

1986 -- Joyce Loepprich

1987 -- Betty F. Connolly

1990 -- Stephen L. Clancy and Rochelle L. Minchow

1991 -- Kay E. Wellik

1992 -- Paul W. Kittle

1993 -- Jacqueline D. Doyle

1994 -- Christa Buswell

1995 -- Irene Lovas

1996 -- Meredith Mitchell

1997 -- Barbara Slater

1998 -- Marsha Kmec

1999 -- Janis Brown

2000 -- Kay Deeney

2001 -- Marilyn Schwartz

2002 -- Doreen Keough

2003 -- Mary Riordan

2004 -- Anna Habetler

2005 -- Craig Haynes

2006 -- Alan Carr

2007 -- Judy Bube

2008 -- Eileen Wakiji

2009 -- Kathleen Carlson

2010 -- Deborah Klein

2011 -- Ellen Aaronson

2012 -- Julie Kwan

2013 -- Lisa Marks

2014 -- Mary White

2015 -- not awarded

2016 -- not awarded

2017 -- Danielle Linden


President: Kathleen Carlson

President-Elect: Danielle Linden

Past President: Mary White

Secretary: Norma Layton

Treasurer: Janet Hobbs

MLA Chapter Council Rep: Alan Carr

MLA Chapter Council Rep Alternate: Sondhaya Sritongsook



Awards: Laura Subblefield

CE/Program: Danielle Linden

Connections: Amy Nadell

Exchange: Monique Liston

Finance: Ellen Aaronson

Government Relations/Bylaws: Kristyn Gonnerman

Membership: Lori Tagawa & Sondhaya Sritongsook (Co-chairs)

Nominating: Mary White

Professional Issues: Sue Shelly

Research: Deb Schneider

Web: Kelli Hines (Chair), Tim Ream (Webmaster)



Archivist: Marsha Kmec

NN/LM PSR Advisory Committee Rep: Irene Lovas

MLA CE Credit for Immunology Course

(SLA, Los Angeles, June 9, 2002)

Instructor: George McGregor, Director of Information Services, Chiron Corporation

The Medical Library Association has approved 4 hours of MLA CE credit for a course in Immunology to be held on Sunday afternoon, June 9, from 1:00 to 5:00 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. "Basic Immunology for Biological Information Specialists" will emphasize concepts and vocabulary in immunology. The course will be most useful to librarians who have used Medline and who need to know more about immunology for reference and collection development. George McGregor, Director of Information Services at Chiron Corporation, is course instructor.

The course is being offered at the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California, June 9-13. If you are interested in attending only the CE class, there is no need to register and pay for the conference registration fee -- just register and pay for the CE class. Medical Library Association members qualify for the lower "member" rate; this is true for both the conference registration fee, and the CE class fee. To guarantee your place in the course, sign up today. For more information, check out the SLA web site at: http://LosAngeles.sla.org.


President: Danielle Linden

President-Elect: Bryan Nugent

Past President: Kathleen Carlson

Secretary: Sondhaya (Sunny) Sritongsook McGowan

Treasurer: Sue Espe

MLA Chapter Council Rep: Annie Thompson (formerly Hughes)

MLA Chapter Council Rep Alternate: Hal Bright



Awards: Laura Stubblefield

CE/Program: Bryan Nugent

Connections: Amy Nadell

Exchange: Monique Liston

Finance: Irene Lovas

Government Relations/Bylaws: Kristyn Gonnerman

Membership: Lori Tagawa & Norma Layton (Co-chairs)

Nominating: Kathleen Carlson

Professional Issues: Andrea Harrow

Research: Deb Schneider

Web: Kelli Hines



Archivist: Marsha Kmec

NN/LM PSR Advisory Committee Rep: Irene Lovas